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Dr. Elvis Ali joins Altramed Health Products Inc. as Chief Medical Advisor

Dr Elvis Ali
MONTREAL, January 21, 2013 – Altramed Health Products Inc. is announcing a major addition to their team, bringing on renowned naturopath Dr. Elvis Ali as Chief Medical Advisor.


Dr. Ali brings over 25 years of expertise in Chinese medicine, sports medicine and nutrition to Altramed, a company devoted to bringing top quality Canadian-made dietarysupplements to consumers looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.


"My mission as a naturopathic doctor is to educate the public in complementary health and wellness options, and continue to do research towards and beyond optimum wellness," says Dr. Ali.


A Harvard-educated naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ali is a professor at the Canadian College of Holistic Health, has authored numerous books and is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programs discussing alternative healing.


The Company:


Altramed Health Products Inc. is a Canadian company whose mission is to provide consumers with high-quality dietary supplements that have a unique Canadian history and identity.


Altramed recognizes that many health-conscious individuals are seeking viable ALTernatives to TRAditional  MEDicine. Altramed serves this need by distributing quality Canadian trademarked natural products including TRU-PINE®, ESSIAC®, TRU-PINE for Pets & ESSIAC for Pets®. 


For more information or to book an interview with Dr. Ali, contact Nick Tomaro at 514-695-2299 or



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